Dynamic Theme App : Use Daily Bing Image as Desktop Background in Windows 10

A beautiful desktop background is like that freshly brewed cup of coffee that can both energize and kick-start your day. When you see an inspiring or lovely wallpaper in your Windows computer in the morning, it starts your work day filled with positivity and optimism. This is why many people use images that have special meaning to them as their desktop wallpaper. If you want to have a feeling of surprise everyday as you start your Windows PC, you can use Dynamic Theme app for Windows 10.

Dynamic Theme can automatically fetch stunning images from Bing or Windows Spotlight and use them as your desktop background or the lockscreen background. The user interface of the app mimics that of Windows settings interface in Windows 10 that can open using the hotkey (Win+I). In the app, you can make configuration changes related to how and when it sets your desktop or the lockscreen background.

Dynamic Theme App

For both the desktop and lockscreen, you can choose daily Bing image or the Windows Spotlight as the source of image. You can choose whether the app has to download and store these images for later use. If you decide to download these images on your local storage, then you can choose whether to pick these images randomly for background or use only the latest image.

If you are using Microsoft account as login for your Windows PC, you can also use synchronize feature which automatically set the same desktop and lockscreen background for all the other computers running Windows 10 on which you sign in using the same Microsoft credentials.

This is not a new concept, there are already many powerful background rotating programs available for Windows such as the popular John’s Background Switcher which offers downloading of images from dozens of different online sources.

You can download & install Dynamic Theme app for Windows 10 from https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/p/dynamic-theme/9nblggh1zbkw.