How to Disable or Remove Developer Options in Android

All Android devices come with advanced options called “Developer Options” meant only for the app developers to assist them with tweaking and changing some of the hardware related options. In order to access these developer options, you have to tap on the Android build number in the Android settings seven times. As you start to tap on the build number, you will start to see a message that “You are x steps away from being a developer”. Finally after the seventh tap, it will display the message – “Now you are a developer”. For detailed steps with screenshots, you can read – how to enable developer options in Android.

But once you have enabled these options, they will be there in the Android settings and can be accidentally misused by kids or newbies. These powerful options such as USB debugging may temper with the warranty of the device or can cause it to stop working properly. This is why you should remove or disable developer options from Android after using them for a project.

Here is how you can disable developer options in Android (works on Android 6.0 and above):

  1. Launch Android settings by tapping on the cogwheel icon in the apps drawer.
  2. In Android settings, tap on Apps listed under the category Device.Remove Developer Options in Android
  3. Select Settings app in the list of all the apps. You may have to switch to the “All Apps” tab depending on the Android version.
  4. Select Storage for the Android Settings app and then tap on the Clear Data button.Remove Developer Options in Android
  5. As the data is cleared, Android settings will be closed automatically and the developer options will disappear from the settings.

If you want to re-enable the developer options, you can tap on the Android build number seven times once again. Remember, even if you disable the developer options, the warranty of some smartphones will become void if you have used these developer options to root the device or to install any other ROMs.