Repair Damaged Video Files with Digital Video Repair

Sometimes when you are trying to salvage video files from your decades old CDs, you are not able to copy the entire video file. Using a tool like ISOBuster, you can manage to extract partial video files from your old scratched up CDs. But these partial video files are no longer playable because important chunks of the video data is missing or is corrupted.

Similarly, when you are downloading videos from P2P clients such as uTorrent and suddenly the seeders disappear for some reason, you are left with almost finished but incomplete video files. Parts of these videos files won’t really play in any media player.

Usually there is no way to fix such corrupt or damaged videos, but using a freeware tool Digital Video Repair can be used to fix such incomplete or damaged video files. This small program runs originally with Chinese language for the user interface. You can click on the application icon (top-left corner) to open the system menu and choose English as the user interface language. After this you have to close and restart Digital Video Repair so it launches in English language.

Digital Video Repair

You have to click on the Input file button to select video file in the small window of Digital Video Repair. You can choose three types of video files – AVI, MOV and MP4 video files. But there is a further limitation, it can fix only the video files encoded using the Xvid, DivX, MPEG4, 3ivx and Angel Potion codecs.

Digital Video Repair

A quick check will show you whether it has detected any errors with that video file. But you can click on Check & Repair button to make it find any possible errors in the file and repair them. It is not necessary that it will find all sorts of errors or will fix them. But in some cases, it can detect the wrong data, and fixes those frames.

Digital Video Repair

Digital Video Repair does not make changes to the original file, rather it creates a new copy to work with. You can then play this fixed video file in your favorite video player.

You can download Digital Video Repair from