Stay Safe Online with Paladin Browser Protection for Firefox

Recently Microsoft released Windows Defender protection for Chrome browser users. It was already available for Microsoft Edge browser. But now Chrome users will also be protected by Windows Defender browser protection extension from all types of malicious and phishing sites. If you are a Firefox user and feel left out, then there is a powerful alternative for you – Paladin Browser Protection add-on for Firefox.

When compared feature-by-feature, Paladin Browser Protection provides much more protection than Windows Defender browser protection. While Windows Defender extension for Chrome offers protection only from malicious and phishing sites, Paladin Browser Protection extension provides protection against phishing sites, cross-site scripts, malware sites, and also directs the site traffic through secure servers when you use a public WiFi (such as on airports, in buses, hotel rooms etc).

Paladin Browser Protection

Unlike Microsoft’s extension, Paladin Browser Protection requires that you sign-in using your Paladin account. You can quickly sign-up for a free Paladin account using your Google or Microsoft accounts or sign-up using an email address. Once you have signed-up and signed-in, Paladin Browser Protection will start protecting you in Firefox browser.

You can click on the Paladin Browser Protection icon in the toolbar and it will give you options to disable or enable various features such as Phishing Blocker, XSS Protection, Secure Web Traffic, Filter Malicious Sites, Content Filter and Password Manager. All of these protections are enabled except the Password Manager which is disabled by default. In addition, there is also a strong password generator using which you can instantly generate very strong passwords and copy them to the clipboard for your use.

Paladin Browser Protection

Paladin is an American cyber-security company and provides services for businesses. But this Paladin Browser Protection extension can be used by individuals for free. Compared to Windows Defender browser extension, we find Paladin Browser Protection to be more comprehensive and powerful.

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