WinNc : Norton Commander Clone for Windows

WinNc is a Norton Commander clone for Windows computers. Norton Commander was once a very popular file manager for DOS based computers. Just like the original, WinNc features two panel file explorer interface. But compared to now-discontinued Norton Commander, it adds many more newer features such as data encryption, data compression, FTP access and more. It certainly has many features you would not find in the Windows File Explorer. You can use it as a handy file manager for performing various file and directory operations.

The dual-pane interface of WinNc allows for easy copying, moving or comparing files between two folders without wasting time otherwise spent in opening or switching between multiple folders. Since WinNc has in-built support for FTP and network drives, you can perform file operations between the local storage and FTP or network drives. It also makes WinNc an ideal application for making and storing backups on your FTP servers.


WinNc allows you to convert audio files from one format to another, burn your files to an optical drive like a CD or DVD, create disk images from your files and save them in the ISO format. It can synchronize files between two folders which again makes it a good backup tool. It allows you to launch command-prompt right inside the WinNc interface.

It is also able to encrypt your files using the powerful AES cipher. It can compress your files into a ZIP archive and can also decompress ZIP archives. From your ZIP files, it can create self extracting archives (SFX) easily – you simply have to select a ZIP file and click on the SFX icon in the toolbar.

WinNc is not free, but offers unlimited evaluation. During the evaluation, some of the features such as themes and notification area icon are disabled. These features can be unlocked by registration which costs merely $29.95 for one user.

You can download WinNC from