Brickaizer : Create Brick Mosaic Artwork from Pictures

Brickaizer is a tool to create mosaic brick layouts from pictures. These brick layouts can then be used as blueprints for Lego bricks to create those pictures using Lego bricks. It is able to create very impressive color layouts for all types of pictures – big and small. It can generate layouts in a number of colors and you can reduce the color palette depending on the type of bricks you have for creating the artwork.

It comes with some sample images that you can use to create brick layouts for your use. You should start using these because these images are specifically picked for the beginners. Once you have gone through these images, then you can start using your own digital pictures. For selecting your own pictures, you can choose File → New Pictures. And if you want to use already added pictures, then you can pick them from File → Open Pictures from the menubar. You can also drag-n-drop the pictures on the Brickaizer window to auto-select that picture.


After selecting a picture, it won’t create the mosaic right away. You will have to click on the Create Mosaic button for it to analyze the selected image and generate a brick layout for you. The brick layout can be zoomed to 100% to see the actual bricks in the layout. It even shows you how many bricks you would need and how much the project will cost in total (in terms of Euro). Brickaizer uses a number of color tables to produce the accurate brick layouts for the specific brick packs. For example, if you want to reduce the number of bricks used then you can increase the brick size and reduce the number of colors used. You can save the brick layouts to a file for later use or for sharing with your friends.

You can download Brickaizer from