Create Strong Passwords Anytime with Your Own PasswordCard

We carry all sorts of cards in our wallets – debit cards, credit cards, library cards, identity cards, business cards and many other types of cards. But now you might want to carry one more rather important card called PasswordCard. It is a card containing eight multi-colored rows of randomly selected alphanumeric characters. Using this card, you can create your own strong passwords any time you want. You do not need any smartphone or computer, you do not need any internet connection – you can create very strong passwords just by looking at this card and picking a starting point.

All the rows in the PasswordCard are marked from 1 to 8 and they also have different colors. This makes it very easy for you to remember the passwords. For example, if you want to create password for your Bank of America account, you can pick red row (because Bank of America has red colored logo) and use the first 10 characters – giving you a password HM9gLNJCVg. You can combine two or more colored rows for your passwords – picking part of the password from each row. You can also pick passwords vertically or diagonally. The special symbols on the top help you remember the column used for vertically picked passwords. Similarly, you can pick password from a special position in a row. It all depends on your creativity – just make sure that you do not make it too complicated so that you can recall the password later.

Password Card

Since the PasswordCard is different for everyone, your passwords will be different from anyone else. You can generate your PasswordCard by visiting its website. You can click on Reset button to generate new cards until you like the one generated. You can print the PasswordCard by clicking on the Print button, cut-out the card from the printed page and have it laminated, so that you can carry it with you in your wallet. It would be fun to have a calendar or picture printed on the opposite side of the card so that it won’t look odd.

By default, it generates the PasswordCard with only alphanumeric characters. But you can select options to include special characters as well. You can also create a PasswordCard containing only digits.

What if you lose this card? PasswordCard website gives you a code to regenerate this card. You have to keep this code somewhere safe so that you can use it when needed. You can enter this code on the PasswordCard website and you will have your original PasswordCard back.

Conclusion: PasswordCard is a unique new way of generating strong passwords offline without much difficulty. It addresses the age old problem of memorizing the passwords or strong them safely in password managers.

You can get your own Password Card from