How to Trim MP3 Files Easily in Windows with mpTrim

Everyone has a few MP3 files that they have collected over time from different sources. These MP3 files could be music files, could be audio-books or could belong to some other type of recordings. Personally, I do have some very interesting MP3 files, for example, an interview of my favorite author Jean M. Auel.

When you record MP3 files yourself, you may record some unwanted sounds at the beginning of the MP3 file or at the end of the file. If you want to remove this extraneous data from your MP3 files, then you can use the free mpTrim tool. In addition to removing the leading and trailing few seconds from the MP3 files, it can also clean them up and remove the seek data – resulting in a smaller MP3 file.

In the mpTrim interface, you have to open an MP3 file before it can analyze it and show you how much data can be cleaned from it.  Some basic information about the loaded MP3 file is displayed near the top of the window, like the bitrate, ending, type, length etc. Under all this basic information are the trimming options from where you can select how many seconds you can trim from the beginning and from the end. You can use the play button next to these to precisely  pick the length that you wish to trim.


There are also options to pick fade-in and fade-out effects for your MP3 files so that when you trim the music files, they don’t look awkward when you play the back. Without the fade-in, trimmed files will suddenly start playing loud music. Similarly, without the fade-out effect, the trimmed files will suddenly stop. After choosing all the options for trimming and fade-in or fade-out effects, you can use “Save” from the menubar to save the file as MP3 file on your hard drive.

The free version of mpTrim has certain limitations such as batch trimming is not allowed, MP3 files with duration longer than 7 minutes are not supported etc. These and many more features are available in the paid version of mpTrim called mpTrim Pro.

You can download mpTrim from