ScrollNavigator : Scroll Documents Easily in Windows

When you want to scroll a document open in an application like Microsoft Word up or down, you have to position the mouse pointer over the scrollbars on the right side of the application window and only then you can use the mouse wheel for all the scrolling. There are two ways using which you can make scrolling easier – either invest in a good mouse that comes with driver software having special options, or just use the ScrollNavigator software. Even if your mouse does not come with a wheel, you can still scroll with the help of this software.

ScrollNavigator is designed to make scrolling much easier in Windows whether you are trying to scroll up and down, or left and right, i.e., it supports both the vertical and the horizontal scrolling. After installing this software in your Windows PC, you can start scrolling any document or webpage easily just by moving your mouse pointer over that window, right-clicking over it, holding the right mouse button and moving your mouse vertically or horizontally. If your mouse comes with a middle button, then you can do the same with the middle mouse button too.


But this is not all that ScrollNavigator can do. You will find many ore features in its options. It can dynamically accelerate the scrolling speed. This means that if you are slowly turning the mouse wheel, it will scroll the pages slowly. But if you are turning the wheel faster, then it will accelerate the scrolling speed and scroll through the document real fast. Under the wheel options, you can choose to send the wheel movement messages to the window under the mouse pointer on your screen rather than to the active window – this saves time when trying to scroll through multiple open windows or documents in your PC.

ScrollNavigator comes as 30-day trial and can be activated by purchasing the full license. If you have to go through a lot of documents everyday at your work, then ScrollNavigator could be very useful utility to have.

You can download ScrollNavigator from