BitSilo : Feature Rich Backup Software for Windows

Recently a small city in the Florida state had to pay a ransom of over $600,000 to the cyber-criminals for decrypting their systems hit by ransomware. This happened because the city officials ignored the advice of experts to keep regular backups of their files. Had they invested in a simple backup software for their systems, they could have saved all this money and trouble.

Whether individuals or large organizations, everyone should backup their important files regularly over portable storage drives or over the cloud storage. In the event of data loss for any reason, you can restore your files from backup easily. Individuals can use BitSilo backup software for their regular backup needs.

BitSilo is a very small software but packs all the features desired in a backup software – full backup, incremental backup, scheduled backup and more. In the user interface of BitSilo, you can add one or more backup sets. In the each of the backup sets, you can add source files and destination folder to save the backup along with some options such as whether to save the backup as a folder, as a ZIP file or as a SILO archive. You can also choose how many of these backups are to saved – default is all the backup archive, but you can save storage space by saving just last ten backups.


Restoring the files from the backups is fairly easy. You have to select the backup sets and then restore option from the top followed by on-screen instructions. In addition to complete restore (restoring of all the files in the backup), you can also choose to restore individual files from the backup archives.

BitSilo is a simple backup solution for personal use. It does not come with encryption but that makes the backup and restore tasks only faster. It offers full and incremental backups providing you a great way to keep your files regularly backed up.

You can download BitSilo from