Epic Games Gives Away Adventure Game “Last Day of June”

Epic Game Store is giving away another game for free in the last week of June 2019. The game is titled – “Last Day of June”. The game is a time-travel adventure game where you explore the game world while learning about the meaning of love and loss.

In this time-travel adventure game, you begin just as a spectator who looks at different things happening.  During this exploration, you meet a cute couple Carl and June. This couple is walking towards a special place for their date together.  Everything is perfect, weather is beautiful and romance is in the air. But suddenly June meets an accidental death.

This is when the game play takes a dramatic turn and time travel is introduced. Carl finds a way to turn back the clock and travel back in time. Carl can start this “Last Day of June” all over again and he tries to redo everything in such a pattern that June survives and does not die. He has to do everything over and over again many many times before he find the way to save her life.

Last Day of June

If you have watched a South-Korean movie A Day (2017), then you will quickly follow the story as it is very-very similar. In the movie, a guy is supposed to meet his wife, but she dies in a car accident. And suddenly the day repeats itself – it keeps repeating until he finds the reason and makes the changes. If the movie is any indicator, you have to go through the same day over and over again until you start to appreciate the smallest of the things in life and cherish the tiniest of the moments.

Epic Games is giving away “Last Day of June” which otherwise would have costed $7.99. In order to claim your free copy of “Last Day of June”, you can visit https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/last-day-of-june/home. The giveaway will last the whole week.