Epic Games Store Gives Away “Enter the Gungeon”

Epic Games Store is giving away another game this week – “Enter the Gungeon”. The word gungeon is combination of the words gun and dungeon, and this should explain everything about this game. It is a shooter game where all the players enter a dungeon. In the dungeon everyone is using their guns to shoot at others. The aim of the player is to survive all the four levels and find an old weapon using which anyone can wipe out their past.

Dungeon that holds the secret weapon is heavily guarded by the followers or disciples of the weapon. These disciples will do everything in their power and beyond to stop anyone from reaching the powerful weapon that can erase the past. In addition the dungeon itself has life-forms that behave like bullets and can attack without warning.

Enter the Gungeon

The player can choose from many different characters called gungeoneers. Each of these characters have their own distinct past full of wrongdoings and regret. They all want to ensure that they get the secret weapon that is inside the dungeon to erase their past. Not only they have to fight with the guards of the dungeon, but they also have to compete with other gungeoneers for the powerful weapon that can destroy even the past.

As you proceed through each level in the game, you will see the game getting more and more diffcult. The final level is a surprisingly harder level that will take not only your gaming skills but also your wits to finish it. Since there are four different protagonist to choose from – each with their own special skills, you can keep playing the game many different times without losing interest or feeling bored.

You can visit Epic Games store at https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/enter-the-gungeon/home to claim your free copy of “Enter the Gungeon”. The giveaway lasts until  20th June, 2019.