How to Schedule Themes in Vivaldi Web Browser

Vivaldi web browser, originally a fork of Opera, has been surprising users with one amazing feature after another. Now they have come up with an interesting theme feature. While other web browsers have just finished adding dark themes in their recent versions, Vivaldi has gone one step further – in the newer versions of Vivaldi you are allowed to schedule themes so that they are automatically changed at different times of the day or night. You can have a different theme for morning, afternoon, lunch break, tea break, evening and so on. Even though Vivaldi browser’s default installation comes with eight themes only, you can create your own new themes or edit the existing themes.

Here is how you can schedule themes in the Vivaldi web browser:

  1. Launch Vivaldi web browser and use the hotkey Alt+P to open the settings.
  2. Select Themes category from the left side.Schedule Themes in Vivaldi Browser
  3. On the Themes settings screen, find the sub-category Scheduled Themes.
  4. Select the option Schedule Theme to Change in order to schedule the themes.
  5. You can click on + or – buttons to add new themes in the time line. When you click on a theme on the time line, you are given options to choose a theme for that time from the drop-down list.Schedule Themes in Vivaldi Browser

Once you have enabled and configured scheduled themes in your Vivaldi web browser, it will automatically switch from one theme to another with change of time. By default, it uses only two themes – dark theme for night and light theme for the day time. But you can add any of the other themes at any time in the 24 hours time line. There are eight different themes Vivaldi installation comes with – Vivaldi, Human, Hot Pink, Subtle, Dark, Blueprint, Beach, and Light. But you can create your own themes and edit the existing themes.