Input Director : Control Multiple Computers with Same Keyboard and Mouse

If your work involves working with multiple computers and you are tired of jumping from one keyboard or mouse to another, then you are going to love Input Director. Using this software you can control all the computers connected through the same network with a single keyboard and mouse. Input Director also allows you to share your clipboard contents across all the connected computers – making it very convenient to copy and paste data across all the computers very easy.

Input Director

For Input Director to work with the networked computers, it must be installed on all the computers that you want to control. Needless to say, all the computers must be using the same network, for example, they should be connected to the same WiFi network. One of the computers is made the master computer and any other computers added are the secondary computers.

Input Director

In the settings, you can give a name to all the secondary computers added to the Input Director. Once this setup is complete, your keyboard and mouse are ready to be used across all the connected computers. When you move the mouse pointer and it cross the left or right edge of a screen, it will appear on the next screen in the row. When the mouse pointer crosses the edge of the last screen, it reappears on the first screen – this wraparound must be enabled from the Input Director settings. The screen where the pointer is visible is the active screen and the keyboard works on that screen. Alternatively, you can also use the hotkeys for activating a particular computer’s screen.

Conclusion: Input Director is a very interesting software designed to control multiple computers using the same network using a single keyboard and mouse. It is ideal for the system admins who have to control and work with multiple computers at the same time.

You can download Input Director from