RalphaMini : Resize, Rename and Convert Images in Windows

Everytime I take a look at new smartphones in the mall, they seem to have increased both the number of lenses and also the resolution of these cameras. For example, I have a Samsung smartphone with 16 megapixels camera with two lenses but now you can get Oppo smartphones with 21 megapixels camera and three lenses in the back.

Taking pictures with such high resolution cameras can soon fill up your memory card as these high-res pictures are often multi-megabytes in size. Even my 16 megapixels camera produces pictures having file sizes of the order of 6 MB. Before you share your pictures over to social networks, you should resize them and reduce their file sizes.

First of all you have to launch RalphaMini tool and it will show a configuration window. In this configuration, you can set all the options for your next image renaming, resizing and conversion operation. You can set the new file size, sharpening level, whether you want to rotate the files base don EXIF data, whether you want to iterate through sub-folders etc. For the output, you can choose the folder name, prefix or suffix of the new image files, whether you want to number the images etc. You can choose the output image type between JPEG or PNG.


Once you have made all the changes in the RalphaMini configuration, just close the window (there is no ‘Save’ or ‘OK’ button). Now in order to resize, rename or convert the image file format, you can drag-n-drop the image files on the RalphaMini executable file. It works for the individual image file, a group of image files and even for a folder containing all of your images. RalphaMini works really fast and you will see the resized images in a sub-folder named “resize”.


Verdict: RalphaMini is a small and fast image resizing tool. It is able to perform batch operations to rename, resize and convert the image type formats of your selected pictures. It is portable and can be used to quickly resize or rename thousands of files as it is able to use multiple cores of your CPU.

You can download RalphaMini from http://nilposoft.info/ralpha/ralphamini.html.