Save Pages, Links or Videos for Later with Save to Facebook for Chrome

In morning we are all busy to get ready and go to work, but when checking email messages in the morning sometimes we come across a great article, news story, a funny satire or a new video from one of your favorite Youtubers. Due to lack of time, we skip all of these and by the time we come back home in the evening we forget to read these interesting articles or watch the videos.

This is why Facebook has come up with a new extension for the Chrome web browser called “Save to Facebook”. Using this extension, you can save any link, webpage, news story or video to your Facebook account. Later, when you have more free time, you can go through these saved items and enjoy reading the saved links or watch saved videos.

This extension puts an icon in the Chrome browser’ toolbar. Whenever you want to save a webpage, a link or anything else, you can simply click on this icon. You will be allowed to save the webpage to your Facebook account’s “Collection”. Of course, you must be logged in to your Facebook account for this to work.

Save to Facebook

You can create many sub-collections of your own, for example, a collection for videos, another collection for news stories, third collection for tech articles and so on. Depending on what you are saving, you can save anything to these new collections. Different collections make it easy for you to find the saved items later on.

All the saved items are accessible for you only. Nobody else, including your close friends on Facebook will be able to view your saved items. Obviously, you can manually share any of these saved items with your friends on Facebook or share it on your timeline for everyone to see.

You can get “Save to Facebook” extension for Chrome from