ArsClip : Free Clipboard Manager for Windows

Windows clipboard holds only one object in its memory at one time. So if you copy an important text in the clipboard and then accidentally press the copy shortcut key (Ctrl+C), the contents of the clipboard will be erased and overwritten with new data. The things that you had copied in the clipboard earlier would be evaporated in thin air never to be found. In order to address this issue, developers from all over the world have created clipboard manager utilities that are able to hold more than one items in the memory.

ArsClip is one of such clipboard managers. It is free and allows you to copy multiple items in the memory that you can retrieve anytime later. In other words, it expands the storage space of the in-build Windows clipboard. It can hold all types of data just like the regular clipboard – images, copied files, texts, Richtext, HTML code and Unicode data. All this data is stored in a database file and it can hold literally thousands of items. You can store some items permanently so that you can use them over and over again.


After the installation of ArsClip in your Windows computer, you can keep using the same copy shortcut (Ctrl+C) as you have been using for years. You can also right-click on an object and choose to copy it to clipboard as usual. When you hover the mouse pointer over the notification area icon, it will show the contents of the newly copied item.

Whenever you want to paste the items from ArsClip, you cannot use the usual shortcut key Ctrl+V. Instead you will have to use a new hotkey Ctrl+Shift+Z. When you use this key, a new small window appears on your screen from where you can select an item to be pasted from a list of all the items found in the ArsClip database.


ArsClip is free and offers very easy operation while allowing you to store multiple items in the clipboard. You can designate some items to be permanently available (even after shutdown of PC). You can change its settings to assign hotkeys and set the maximum number of clipboard items available.

You can download ArsClip from