BootZilla Boot CD 5.3 : Test Memory and Hard Drive for Problems

BootZilla started out almost ten years ago as a set of diagnostic tools that could be used to fix your system in case of malware infection and other hardware related problems. It had not been updated for last ten years and suddenly the developer has released a bootable BootZilla CD ISO while upgrading the version from 5.0 to 5.3. This is very unexpected but the BootZilla website shows how the author is going to completely change the script for BootZilla since it has been ten years and older script has become outdated and old.

In addition the developer is also going to update the tools included with BootZilla because many of the older tools have either become defunct or have become useless in the case of today’s malware infection. For example, the old version of BootZilla does not address the growing problem of ransomware infection.

The bootable CD ISO that has been released does not contain any antivirus utilities, but it can help you tackle some of the RAM or hard drive related problems. It also contains a very basic Linux shell. The ISO is based on UltimateBootCD and perhaps will have more tools to tinker with in the future.


The bare bones bootable CD contains four options – memory tests, hard disk tools,  DOS/Linux tools and options to boot into your hard drive. Memory testing tools include MemTest86 and Prime95. Hard disk tools include, TestDisk, DFSee and MHDD32. It comes with Tom’s boot disk and FreeDOS in case you want to access your hard drive contents (if you are lucky).

The older version (5.0) of BootZilla is still downloadable from its GitHub project page and can be used, but since it is ten years old, it has become somewhat useless. Lets hope that soon BootZilla rises back to the glory days of its past.

You can download BootZilla Boot CD from