How to Edit Videos with Machete Lossless Video Editor

If you want to quickly do some video editing like cutting some portions of a video out, adding a second video clip somewhere in the middle of a video, replacing audio streams, or removing audio stream completely, then you can depend on Machete Lossless Video Editor. You can say that Machete allows you to perform the operations like cut, copy, insert and paste for video files in the same manner as Windows Notepad allows you to do all these things for text files. You will find the same ease of working in Machete video editor.

In order to begin editing a video file, you have to drag-n-drop that file on the Machete video editor’s window. You can also use File → Open from menubar or Ctrl+O shortcut key to select a video file. It can work with all types of video files such as AVI, FLV, WMV, MKV, MP4, 3GP, 3G2 and MOV. For adding the audio streams, it can use the audio file types WMA, MP3 and WAV.

Machete Video Editor

Once a video file has been loaded in Machete, you can perform all the supported operations on it using the toolbar that appears below the video frame. You can also play the video using all the familiar controls. Basically, you have to select a keyframe (using yellow key icons) before you can perform any of the supported actions. For example, if you want to insert a video clip, you have to first select a position using the key frames.

Similarly, you have to select the start and end of a video portion using these yellow keys before you can remove that portion. You can remove or replace the audio stream from the edit options given in the menubar. Final edited video can be exported in the same file format as the original video file.

Unlike some other video editors, Machete is a very simple video editor and does not allows any advanced features. You can only copy, paste, cut or insert the video frames. Because it does not encode the video file all over again, the editing is done only at key-frames which limits the editing to a degree. If you want to quickly add an intro or outro video clip to your videos before publishing them on YouTube, then it is an ideal choice.

You can download Machete Lossless Video Editor from