Convert Video, Audio and Image File Formats with Adapter

For converting of video file formats you need a video conversion software. Similarly, for changing the image file formats, you need image conversion software and for saving audio files in different formats, you need audio conversion software. Instead of downloading three different applications, you can download just one software called Adapter to fulfill all your media file conversion needs. Adapter is able to convert the file formats of video files, audio files and image files from one interface.

The user interface allows you to drag-n-drop the supported media files (video, audio or image files) in order to add them to the list. Once you have added the files, you can select the output file format from the drop-down list near the bottom. As you select an output file format, the Convert button becomes enabled and you can click on this button to start the conversion process.

Adapter File Format Converter

By default the converted files are saved in the source folder. If you want to modify these settings, then you can click on the small cogwheel icon. In the settings, you can choose the output directory, resolution of the output files, quality and filters for the conversion, whether you want to add any layers (to add overlay text, subtitles, images etc), and you can also add custom FFmpeg commands if you are an advanced user. You can choose the position when adding of overlay text, images and subtitles in your video projects.

Adapter File Format Converter

Adapter is a versatile file format converter software that can convert all types of media files formats. It is designed for batch-conversion of files. You can use it as video conversion, audio conversion and file conversion software. It is powered by open-source FFmpeg project and therefore can produce very high quality output files without taking much time.

You can download Adapter File Format Converter from