Enhance Videos with Ashampoo Video Filters and Exposure

Even though everyone can record videos these days using their smartphone camera or a professional quality camera such as Sony GoPro, but not everyone knows how to make perfect videos with proper lighting, vibrant colors and great focus. Professional photographers are trained to take care of all these things before they make videos or even take still pictures. If you have already recorded your videos of an event, even then it is not too late – now you can use a software “Ashampoo Video Filters and Exposure” to apply special filters, change the exposure and colors for the video to enhance its visual quality.

Ashampoo Video Filters and Exposure is a video editor designed to bring out the best in your videos. It can retouch your videos to make them appear more stylish. You can adjust the white balance, exposure, shadows, and lights with pixel-perfect accuracy. It also features an automatic tonal correction tool that can give you an estimate of the possible ideal values to be used.

Ashampoo Video Filters and Exposure

In the user interface, it displays the original video along with a live view. This helps you see the effects instantly as soon as you apply them to the video. Unlike some other video editors, where you can see the result only after encoding the complete edited video all over again, you can see the result instantly without wasting any time.

In the standard version of Ashampoo Video Filters and Exposure, you can only optimize contrast, optimize color or apply visual effects. You can also perform some basic editing such as rotation, trimming the videos etc. But if you want many more features like text, watermark, slow-motion or time-lapse effects, then you can get the Pro version of Ashampoo Video Filters and Exposure.

You can download Ashampoo Video Filters and Exposure from https://www.ashampoo.com/en/usd/pin/0446/multimedia-software/video-filters-exposure.