Listen to Thousands of Radio Stations with TuneYou Radio for Chrome

Listening to online radio stations is a great way to entertain yourself while you are tapping away at your everyday job. You can actually get some useful information from some of the talk radio stations or if you are can have non-stop music from some of the very popular music stations. There are all kinds of online radio stations available and you can enjoy them using a Chrome web browser extension called TuneYou Radio.

This extension is being offered by the TuneYou Radio website that offers you radio listening pleasure for everyone. You can visit this website yourself, but the extension makes it much more convenient to access it from within Chrome’s toolbar. After the installation of the extension, an icon appears in the Chrome browser’s toolbar clicking on which you can launch TuneYou Radio interface which opens in a small separate window.

TuneYou Radio for Chrome

In the TuneYou Radio, you can find thousands of the radio stations available online. It gives a list of most popular radio stations, but you can also search for radio stations using their names, genres, country of origin, etc. As you select a radio station, it does not automatically start playing it which is something many users prefer. You have to use the usual play/pause controls to listen to these stations. You can also control the volume of the radio station being played.

TuneYou Radio for Chrome

TuneYou Radio also offers an app for your Android smartphone. But for the desktop PC users this extension is the best way to listen to thousands of online radio stations. It has a nice little user interface and because it is being opened in a separate browser window, it does not interfere with the other open tabs or windows that you might be working with.

You can get TuneYou Radio extension for Chrome from