Add GIF Animations and Stickers Anywhere with GIPHY

When you are interacting with people on social networks like Twitter, sometimes a very nice way to respond is through GIF animations. What a good GIF animation or meme can do is impossible through the use of words unless you are a professional writer. This is why you see all these memes and GIF animations all over Twitter and Facebook. But how do all these people find all these smart animations? Perhaps they Google them or download them off some other websites.

However, if you are a Chrome browser user, you can use the GIPHY extension to insert these animations in the social networks directly. After the installation of the GIPHY extension, you can click on its icon in the toolbar. It will show the latest trending animations and stickers. You can browse through all the animations through various categories like reactions, hello, goodbye, thank you and so on. You can also search the animations by their keywords using a search textbox on the top.

GIPHY for Chrome

If you like any of these animations or stickers, then you can select them and it will show an option to copy the link to the clipboard. You can then use this link in any of your Twitter or Facebook posts or replies. There is also another way – you can drag-n-drop the GIF animations or stickers on the posts and it will automatically copy the link in your posts.

GIPHY for Chrome

GIPHY is a search engine for searching GIF animations and stickers. You can use it to drop great looking and smart animations in your email messages, Twitter replies, Facebook posts or even in other places that allow you to drop animations. It officially supports four websites – Facebook, Twitter, Slack and GMail but it can work in more places.

You can get GIPHY extension for Chrome browser from