Best PDF Tools : Convert, Optimize and Modify PDF Documents

PDF documents are everywhere whether you are downloading e-books, e-papers, invoices or uploading your resumé to online job portals. But from time to time, you need to modify these PDF documents for one reason or another. If you want to modify, optimize, or convert your PDF documents then you can make use of Best PDF Tools.

Best PDF Tools is free software for Windows that can be used to process PDF documents for the purpose of converting them into other formats, for optimizing them and making their size smaller. It comes with tools for merging or extracting PDF documents, changing the individual pages, adding watermarks, encrypting or digitally signing them.

Best PDF Tools

The user interface of Best PDF Tools is designed to keep things simple. You can start by adding all the PDF documents that you want to process to the list in the “Sources” section. After you have added the PDF files, you can proceed to “Tools” section. Here you can select conversion, modification or security related tools.

Best PDF Tools

You can convert Excel to PDF, Word to PDF, PDF to Word, PDF to Images, Images to PDF, or extract the PDF content. You can merge or split PDF files, rotates PDF pages, crop pages, extract pages, remove pages, or apply watermarks. You can encrypt, decrypt, modify the metadata, digitally sign or protect the PDF documents.

Best PDF Tools

All these tools have separate settings of their own. For example, if you choose PDF to Word tool, then you can decide if you want to include the graphics. As you proceed with specific tool, it displays the progress and opens up the folder where the resultant files are placed.

Best PDF Tools contains all the tools that you might need to modify, convert or optimize your PDF documents. It is free and works with all types of PDF files produced by any PDF editor.

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