Easy Work Time Calculator : Find Time Spent on Various Tasks

Easy Work Time Calculator is a work-time calculator that can be used to calculate or count the time spent on a specific task. It shows the time in terms of seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks and months. It is useful not only to find out how much time you have invested in a certain task, but it is also useful in keeping yourself motivated to finish a task within its deadline.

To begin with, you have to add a new task that can have a name, tooltip, starting time and category. Once added this task can be continued, started, stopped or paused just by right-clicking on it and choosing the various options.

If you have added too many tasks and are finding it difficult to find your tasks, then it offers a quick filter using which you can narrow down and search for your task. The quick filter includes filters based on the status (wait, started, paused, finished etc), and based on the start time.

Easy Work Time Calculator

Near the bottom of the Easy Work Time Calculator window, you can see the statistics related to the tasks. It shows the time consumed on various tasks, how many tasks are being run, the average time used on the tasks, and more. The statistics information can be exported to XML files and used in other programs like Excel.

Easy Work Time Calculator is a free software that can be useful for time management of a small to medium workplace. Individuals can also use this software to keep a tab on the time they have been using on various things. People who work online can use to calculate the total time you have worked on a project or how many hours you have worked in a day.

You can download Easy Work Time Calculator from https://www.trisunsoft.com/easy-work-time-calculator/.