EmEditor : Versatile Text Editor with Large File Support

Even though Windows comes with a text editor of its own – Windows Notepad which is good enough for basic text editing, it has its limitations and after some time Windows users tend to look for alternatives. There are so many powerful text editors such as EmEditor.

EmEditor is a professional text editor designed for Windows. It is a versatile text editor that can be used for all kinds of editing including programming, and CSV editing. It supports syntax highlighting and supports all the popular programming languages such as C/C++, HTML, JavaScript, Java, Perl, Python, Ruby and more.

EmEditor supports very large size files. While other text editors become unresponsive even at a few hundred MB files,  it can open files of the size 248GB without slowing down your PC or any reduction in the performance of the editor. Unlike some other text editors that try to keep whole of the opened file in the RAM, EmEditor uses the local storage (hard drive or SSD) to store the large files making it much faster and responsive.


Just like you can extend the functionality of the Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome browser using plugins, add-ons or extensions, you can enhance the features set for EmEditor. Some of the plugins actually come pre-installed with EmEditor such as Word Count (to show the number of words in a text document) and Word Complete (to automatically complete words as you type them). You can download more plugins and install them in EmEditor.

EmEditor is not free but it is available in a trial version that provides you with 30 days of free use. After this period, you have to buy a license key to keep using it. This feature loaded text editor can be bought only for $39.99 for personal use.

You can download EmEditor from https://www.emeditor.com/.