How to Make Mouse Cursor Look Cute in Chrome Browser

Many of us have to work on computers all day long and so much of the office work is now being done through web interface of various applications. It makes sense that we make the web browsers more comfortable and nice looking for our everyday work. Unless your organization prohibits it, you can make Google Chrome web browser look interesting by changing its cursor into cuter looking ones through the use of the Cute Cursors extension.

Cute Cursors extension for Chrome web browser places an icon in the Chrome toolbar. This icon looks like a pink mouse pointer. You can click on this Cute Cursors icon and it will display you many choices to pick from. You do not have to pick the cursor in order to start using the new cursors as after the installation of this extension, it will automatically change the cursor to pink cursor (called Pinky cursor) by default.

Cute Cursors

But if you want to switch to the other cursors offered by the Cute Cursors extension, then you can click on its icon in the toolbar and then choose from four cursors – Pinky, Lipstick, Rose and Pony. All of these cursors are beautifully designed and are very pleasing to the eyes. Of course, these cursors can be turned off from the the toolbar icon as well.

Cute Cursors

One sad thing about this extension is that it offers only four beautiful cursors. It leaves you wishing for more  similar cursors. It would have been much better if it allowed the user to pick their own custom cursors for use. But in any case, Cute Cursors does make your Chrome web browser much better and enhances your experience with everyday web browsing. It is a great way to customize and personalize your Chrome browser.

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