Install Microsoft’s New Cascadia Font in Windows 10

Microsoft has released a new font named Cascadia Code. It is a mono-spaced font just like “Courier New” or  “Dejavu Sans Mono” etc. This new font is designed especially for the programmers who have to work with integrated development environments (IDE) like Microsoft Visual Studio. It is a true type font (TTF) and can be installed in all the operating systems that support TTF fonts. Once installed, Cascadia Code font can be set for any text editor, IDE or terminal consoles because most of these allow configuring a font.

As far as Windows 10 is concerned, you have to first download the Cascadia Code font to your Windows desktop. After downloading the Cascadia Code font to your computer, you can install it in two ways – one way is to double-click on the downloaded TTF file and then select Install from the font preview window. Another way to install this font is by right-clicking on the TTF file and then choosing Install from the right-click context-menu. After a few seconds, the font will be installed.

Cascadia Font

Having installed this font, now you can use this font in pretty much any application in Windows. If any application or editor window is already open, you have to relaunch this application so that you can use the newly installed font. For example, you can use it in Visual Studio Community Edition, in Windows Notepad or Notepad++. In order to set Cascadia font in Notepad++, you first have to select Settings and then Style Configurator.

Cascadia Font

In the Style Configurator, you can either choose the font for different file types or for global styles. For the latter, you have to select Enable global font and Enable global font size. After you save the settings, the font will be ready for use in Notepad++. You can set Cascadia Code font for other applications in a similar manner.

Cascadia Font

According to Microsoft, if you had installed an older version of Cascadia Code font before and now want to install a new version, then you have to first remove the older font. In order to remove the font, you can open fonts folder (Win+R, type Fonts and press Enter) and delete the files related to Cascadia Code font.

You can download Microsoft Cascadia Code font from

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