Detwinner : Find Duplicate Files in Windows

As it happens with everyone, sooner or later you are going to have multiple copies of the same file scattered all over your hard drive. Reasons for this could be anything from forgetfulness to a backup software making copies of the same files. But what should one do when they come across such files or rather how do we find these possible identical or duplicate files in the first place.

For finding and removing duplicate files on your Windows PC, there is a useful tool called Detwinner. It is a smart software for scanning your computer for duplicate files based on a number of criteria. The software can find exact duplicates by matching the hashes of these files and it can also find similar files that might not be 100% identical.


In the user interface of Detwinner, you have to first select a drive or a number of folders. You can select a number of folders at the same time. After this you can set a preset from all files, images, photos, videos, music, documents or similar images.  In the advanced options for scanning, you can choose various constraints for the searching of the duplicate files such as the file dates, file sizes, file attributes, and file extensions.


After the scanning is complete, it will present you with various groups of duplicate files. You can select the duplicate files from a group and remove them. You can choose to make a smart selection that picks all the duplicate files from the group except one that should be saved. You can delete the duplicates permanently, send them to the Recycle Bin or send them to a backup folder. You can even export the report of the duplicate files to CSV, HTML or XML files for later use.

You can download Detwinner from