Find Identical Files in Windows with Duplicate & Same Files Searcher

Busy work life can often result in forgetfulness and can lead us to repeating the same task multiple times. Because you forgot that you have already copied pictures from your digital camera to your computer’s hard drive and repeat the same thing once more. This way you end up having identical files on your hard drive in different folders. These identical files not only use up your storage space, but can also make it confusing when you are editing them.

In order to find the identical files and remove them from your PC, you can use a free software called Duplicate & Same Files Searcher. This portable program is designed to looks for duplicate files on your hard drive and remove them if desired. The program searches for duplicate files using a number of algorithms. For example, it can find the duplicate files by matching their content. It can also find MP3 music files by matching their ID3 tags. When searching for the duplicate files on an NTFS partition, it can also compare the alternate data streams that are hidden in Windows File Explorer.

Duplicate & Same Files Searcher

Operation of this program is very easy. You have to first click on the Start Search button, select a folder (or more than one folder) and click on the OK button. This will begin the duplicate file search and will populate the list of duplicate files found in seconds. When you hover your mouse cursor over a file in the list, it will display a preview of that file (if that file is a media file like a JPEG image). You can make a selection of the duplicate files that you want to remove and press the F8 key to delete them.

Duplicate & Same Files Searcher can be run in two modes – hardlinks and symlinks. In the hardlink mode, it does not scan for symlinks. For looking up symlinks, you have to launch this program in the administrator mode. It is a well designed program and can help you quickly get rid of all the duplicate files from your PC.

You can download Duplicate & Same Files Searcher from