KeyFinder Thing : Recover License Keys of Microsoft Products

When you buy a new computer, the Windows license key (also called the serial number or CD key) is pasted somewhere on the computer. But as time passes, you keep using the laptop so much that the sticker is worn out or is removed. Many years later, the serial number sticker disappears and now if you want to reinstall Windows and find the Windows license key for the reinstall, then you are left hanging in the middle.

How will you find the license key now? Fortunately, the license key is saved in the Windows registry in encrypted format. You can use a tool like KeyFinder Thing to find and save not only the Windows license key but that of many other Microsoft products.

KeyFinder Thing

KeyFinder Thing is designed to have a minimal user interface. It does not confuse with unnecessary controls or buttons. As soon as you launch this program, it scans your system for the license keys of all the supported programs, games and other things. Once scanning is finished, it displays all the license keys in a list.

You can save the found license keys in plain text format for later reference. This can be done by selecting File → Export Keys from the menubar. You can export the keys to an HTML file or a TXT file. You can even print these keys on paper if you have a printer is available.

KeyFinder Thing

If you want to view the list of the supported software for which KeyFinder Thing can find the license keys, then you can select ViewSoftware List from the menubar. This includes the Microsoft Windows license key, Microsoft Office license key and serial numbers for other applications like ACDSee, Nero, AutoCad, Corel Draw, Roxio Easy CD, ISO Buster and games like Unreal Tournament, Command & Conquer etc.

You can download KeyFinder Thing from