Macgo Free Media Player Supports 4K Video Playback

You do not have to buy Sony GoPro action camera to record in 4K resolution. You do not even have to buy Aple iPhone or Samsung Galaxy series of phones. Now there are so many media range smartphones available in the market that come with 4K video recording features. Of course, these smartphones may not be as good as Sony GoPro camera but they do the job anyway. You can buy a basic camera mount pack and one of these smartphones such as OnePlus 7 Pro and you are ready to make 4K resolution videos for your next project.

You have recorded 4K videos but not all the media players are able to play them in your Windows PC. In order to play these 4K videos, you need a media player like Macgo Free Media Player. It is able to play UltraHD resolution videos on both desktop and laptop computers without requiring any third party codecs. It can also be used to play DVD discs without any hassle. It even supports DTS 5.1 surround sound so that you can enjoy those horror movies as if you are watching them in a theater.

Macgo Free Media Player

You can associate all the popular media file formats such as MP4 with the Macgo Media Player from withing its user interface. After associating the files, you will be able to double-click on any of the supported media file to play it in Macgo Media Player. However, you can also play any media file in it just by dragging-n-dropping that file over the Macgo Media Player window.

Watching foreign language movies in Macgo Free Media Player has been made easy with the full support for all types of subtitle files. If your video file comes with embedded subtitles, it can show them in the video frame. And you can also select a subtitle file to be used with any of your videos.

Macgo Free Media Player

It does not support playing of Blu-ray video discs, ISO images created from video discs or from a folder structure containing DVD or Blu-ray movies. These features are available in the commercial version of the Macgo Media Player along with support for many other non-mainstream media formats.

You can download Macgo Free Media Player from