Quickly Convert PDF Files with Smart PDF for Chrome

For a moment, imagine yourself in a situation where you have to quickly convert a Microsoft Word file into PDF document, or create a PDF document containing a number of JPEG images. If you try downloading a file format conversion software, it would be too late and you might miss your deadline. You can use a very quick way to convert your files from and to the PDF format using a Chrome extension called Smart PDF.

Smart PDF is a file conversion tool that supports conversion of PDF documents into some of the popular formats such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and JPEG images. It is also able to convert Word, Excel, PowerPoint documents and JPEG images into PDF files.

It can be installed in Google Chrome web browser and it places an icon in the Chrome toolbar. You can choose what kind of file conversion you want to perform by clicking on this icon and selecting one of the items from the menu. For example, if you want to convert one or more JPEG image into PDF documents then you can select JPG to PDF.

SmartPDF for Chrome

This takes you to the I ♥ PDF website where you can upload your documents and convert them. If you are converting JPEG images, then you can add many JPEG images one after another for conversion – they will all be added to the same PDF document.

Instead of uploading the documents from your local hard drive, you can also fetch documents directly from your Google Drive and Dropbox cloud storage account. You can take files from the cloud storage and save the converted files back into the same cloud storage.

SmartPDF for Chrome

Smart PDF offers a convenient interface for file conversion right from the Chrome web browser. With its help, you can convert PDF documents into and from Office documents (Word, PowerPoint, Excel) and JPEG images.

You can get Smart PDF Files Converter Tool for Chrome from https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/smart-pdf-files-converter/benjmhnicaokfjhdoolkkjiiccceigdm?hl=en.