SpotAuditor : Recover All Sorts of Passwords Stored in Your Computer

Sometimes we get the feeling that we stored the password for a certain website or app, but we just cannot find it where it was stored. In those forgetful days, we can depend on password recovery software like SpotAuditor to comb through your computer to find all the passwords stored in various locations of the operating system or different applications like the web browsers.

SpotAuditor provides a comprehensive solution for recovering passwords of all types. It supports more than fifty different applications including web browsers, FTP clients, email clients, instant messengers, download managers and more.

In its user interface, you can choose various options before starting the audit of your system. You can choose authorization mode (user access), host audit information (choose local or remote computer), and choose the audit mode (password recovery, auto-run entries, visited URLs, installed programs etc). And when you have made a selection, you can click on the Start Audit button.

In only a few seconds, you will see a list of all the found entries. In the unregistered version of SpotAuditor, you will see the usernames but you won’t see the respective passwords. For recovering the passwords, you have to buy the license to the registered version. You can export the displayed information to various types of files like TXT, XLS, CSV, XML formats, print or copy it to the system clipboard.

In addition to displaying the passwords stored on your computer, it can be used to decode passwords encrypted using Base64 algorithm, you can decode a hexadecimal code to a plain string, you can also use it to explore Internet Explorer (IE) cache and delete IE cookies, IE history and IE files.

Verdict: SpotAuditor is a pretty fast and comprehensive password recovery solution. It is very light on system resources and allows you to save the recovered passwords to plain text files.

You can download SpotAuditor from