Lock and Password Protect Windows PC with Smart PC Locker Pro

When you leave your desktop computer unattended at work, there are some nosy colleagues who jump at the opportunity to snoop into your files. And then there are the nasty people who want to cause damage to you at work by corrupting your files. This is why you should always lock your PC screen when walking away from desk even for a short time like grabbing a cup of coffee. You can always use the in-built Windows lock for locking your workstation, but a better alternative is NoVirusThanks Smart PC Locker Pro.

Smart PC Locker Pro is a feature rich software for password protecting and locking down your Windows PC. It has to be installed on your Windows PC before it works as it depends on a system service that it installs. After installation, you have to set a password that will be used to lock and unlock your computer. Clicking on the Lock button in the Smart PC Locker Pro window or by choosing the Lock option from the notification area icon menu will lock your PC.

Smart PC Locker Pro

In the options for Smart PC Locker Pro, you can disable Win keys preventing the use of hotkeys like Win+I or Win+R. Similarly you can disable Ctrl+Alt+Del menu options preventing you from starting Task Manager and other tools available from there. You can run a program before locking and after unlocking. You can set hotkeys to lock and unlock the PC. You can disable network access when PC is locked. There is an option to set a different wallpaper when PC is locked. It can even lock the PC automatically after a certain time of inactivity.

Smart PC Locker Pro

Smart PC Locker Pro offers an alternative locking method for Windows users. You can use it to protect your PC from being accessed by other unauthorized people.

You can download Smart PC Locker Pro from https://www.novirusthanks.org/products/smart-pc-locker-pro/.