CryptBox : Encrypted Virtual Drives for Windows

CryptBox is an encryption software for Windows that creates virtual drives in Windows where the stored data is automatically encrypted as soon as it is copied there. These encrypted volumes are called safes by CryptBox. You can create as many safes as the Windows operating system permits. These safes are password protected and cannot be opened without supplying the correct password.

After the installation, when you launch CryptBox for the very first time, it offers you the options to create a new safe or import an already existing safe. When you are creating a new safe, you have to supply some basic information like the safe name, the drive letter to be assigned to that safe and the folder where the safe file is saved, the capacity of the safe, and of course the password.  You can later change the drive letter associated with a safe and also its name. You can also change the password but for that you have to supply the older password.


Once a safe is created or added, it will appear in the list of safes in CryptBox. In order to open the safe, you have to click on the respective safe and supply the password that was used to create this safe. By opening the safe, you make it appear in the Windows File Explorer in form of a drive. This virtual drive can be used just like the other regular drives. You can perform all sorts of file operations like copying, deleting, moving files etc. All the files copied inside these virtual drives (safes) are automatically encrypted using the AES 256 bit cipher.


CryptBox gives a very easy way to encrypt your files without having to go through any complicated interface. It uses very powerful AES 256 bit cipher for encrypting your files. It takes some security measures to ensure that

You can download Abelssoft CryptBox from