Dark Mode App Brings Night Light to Older Android Versions

In the newer versions of Android operating system, they have included a night light, dark mode or night mode in the settings. When you have enabled the night light, it will make everything dark. The apps will launch with dark user interface and the Android system apps will also use the darkened interface. One of the benefits of using this dark mode is that it reduces the stress on your eyes. So even if you stare at your smartphone screen, you won’t any adverse side effects, you won’t get headaches and your eyes will not feel the strain.

However, the owners of the older Android smartphones are left out from this exciting new feature that is available only in new versions of Android. Fortunately through the use of an app called Dark Mode, you can force various apps to use the dark user interface just as you would do in the newer Android systems.

Dark Mode for Android

This Dark Mode app has no settings to be configured and shows only three options when you launch it – Day mode, Night mode and Auto. From here you can choose whether you want to use the day mode (light mode), night mode (darker and easier on the eyes) or you want leave the decision on the Dark Mode app itself.

With this Android app Dark Mode, you can activate the night mode on the entire smartphone, even though this is not provided in the settings of older Android versions like Android Nougat. But since not all the apps are compatible with the dark mode or have any night light features for your version of Android, it will not darken all the apps. You can actually find a big list of all the apps that are verified to become dark using the Dark Mode app.

You can get the Dark Mode app for Android from https://darkmode.maju.systems/.