Auto-Clear Browsing Data When You Close Edge Web Browser

Microsoft’s new Edge web browser is based on the open-source Chromium browser project which also serves as the base for Google’s Chrome web browser. Because of this the two browsers have similar features, similar shortcuts and hotkeys. Just like in Chrome, you can also make Edge web browser automatically clear all the web browsing data as you close it. This setting is useful if you want to keep your Edge browser always clean and without any traces of your online activity.

Here is how you can set Edge web browser to auto-clear browsing data every time you close it:

  1. In the Edge web browser’s address bar enter edge://settings/privacy. Alternatively, you can select Settings from Edge menu and then select Privacy and services from the settings screen.Clear Edge Browsing Data on Close
  2. Scroll down and find a section labeled Clear browsing data.
  3. Click on Choose what to clear every time you close the browser.Clear Edge Browsing Data on Close
  4. On the next screen select all the things that you want to be cleared at browser close. You can choose to clear browsing history, download history, cookies, site data, cached images & files, passwords, auto-fill form data, site permissions, and hosted app data.Clear Edge Browsing Data on Close
  5. This is it, now when you close all the open windows of Edge browser, it will automatically clear the browsing data as selected by you.

Unfortunately, there are no options to preserve certain cookies from being removed or to avoid clearing the data belonging to certain domains. Such options are available in third-party clearing utilities like CCleaner which allows you to save some cookies when cleaning web browser data. The benefit of saving these cookies is that you do not have to login again and again to some websites. For example, if you preserve cookies belonging to Google, then you won’t have to re-login to Google even after CCleaner cleans the browsing data.