How to Enable Dark Theme in Chromium Based Edge Browser

Even though Microsoft has released the new Chromium Edge web browser through their website, it is not yet available through Windows updates and it does not come bundled in Windows 10 ISO. The new versions of Windows 10 still come with the old Edge browser pre-installed. The new Chromium based Edge has similar features as Chromium but adds its own interface and other features to make it work much more smoothly on Windows 10. Just like the Chromium browser, it also comes with light and dark themes.

Here is how you can enable the dark theme in the Edge web browser based on Chromium:

  1. Launch Edge browser and enter edge://settings/appearance in its address bar. Alternatively, you can select Settings from the Edge menu and then select Appearance from the left side.
  2. You will find Theme options on the displayed settings screen. Choose the Dark theme from the drop-down list.Dark Theme in Edge Browser

If you want to later switch back to the default settings for the theme, you can repeat the same steps and select  “System Default” from the list of options. When you select “System Default”, Edge browser will use the dark or light theme as set in the Windows 10 settings. If you do not know how to select dark theme in Windows 10, then you can read – how to enable dark theme in Windows 10. Whatever Windows mode or app mode you select will be enabled for the Edge web browser as well.

If you have not yet installed the new Edge browser based on Chromium then you can download it from The downloads are available for Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8 and Windows 7. It is also available for macOS and mobile devices like Android smartphones and iPhone. Once Microsoft developers decide that the Edge (Chromium based) browser is ready for deployment, it will be available through Windows Automatic Updates.