NVIDIA Profile Inspector Shows Detailed Information from NVIDIA GPU

NVIDIA is the leading manufacturer of graphics processing cards. There are millions of PC gamers all over the world who rely on the NVIDIA hardware for their gaming rigs. NVIDIA graphics processors are not only desired by the gamers but also by the media professionals who have to edit and process videos and other media on a daily basis at work.

If you also have a Windows PC that is powered by NVIDIA graphics processor then you can find the capabilities and other details about your NVIDIA graphics card using a freeware utility called NVIDIA Profile Inspector. This portable program works on computers having an NVIDIA graphics card only. This useful application can find a wealth of information about the NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards. Not only it displays the device driver software information for the NVIDIA graphics cards but also the hardware details.

Nvidia Profile Inspector

In its window, all the information is categorized in various groups such as compatibility, sync & refresh, antialiasing, texture rendering, and more. You can view all the settings for all the different parameters in this window. But you can also change some of these settings. For example, you can change the fan speed of the GPU, you can change the GPU operating voltage, you can also change the clock frequencies of the GPU. Basically, it allows you to overclock the NVIDIA graphics cards easily.

You can save the modified settings in form of various profiles. The use of profiles helps you quickly switch from one type of settings to another. If you want to overclock your GPU, then you can simply choose the overclocking profile. And if you want to later switch back to the default settings, then you can choose the default profile for your NVIDIA GPU and apply the settings.

You can download NVIDIA Profile Inspector from https://nvidiaprofileinspector.com/.