Split and Merge PDF Files with 7-PDF Split & Merge

7-PDF Split & Merge is a freeware utility to extract individual pages or a set of pages from an existing PDF file. It can also be used to merge two or more PDF files together into a single PDF file. It is available as a portable program as well as in form of an installer.

It has a tabbed user interface with one tab dedicated for splitting the PDF files and another for merging them. If you want to split PDF file, then you have to first add it to the list. Then you can choose the splitting options – split it into single pages, split by range of pages, split only even pages, or split only the odd pages. After this you can select the output folder settings – same folder as the source PDF file, specify a folder or ask for a folder each time. Now just clicking on the Split this PDF! button will split it and open the destination folder.

7-PDF Split & Merge

The merging of the PDF files is done in another tab which has a similar user interface as that for splitting the PDF files. You can begin by adding all the files that you want to merge in the same order that you want them be joined together. If any of the files are password protected, then you will have to enter this password too. Next you can choose output folders for storing the final merged PDF file. After this just clicking on the button labeled Merge PDF Files! will do the job. The merged PDF file will not be password protected.

7-PDF Split & Merge

7-PDF Split & Merge is very fast and does all the PDF processing within seconds. It is an excellent tool for merging or splitting PDF files on a Windows computer.

You can download 7-PDF Split & Merge from https://www.7-pdf.com/products/pdf-split-and-merge.