Alternate Math Solver Helps Solve Simple Equations

When you want to quickly solve a simple mathematical equation, you have to either ask your elder brother or your teacher. When none of them are available at hand, you can turn to Google. But if you also want to see the steps involved in solving an equation, then you may want to use an application like Alternate Math Solver.

This small application works offline and can solve equations in one variable. You can type in the equation using standard mathematical notations. All the mathematical operators including multiplication should be used appropriately. For example, it fails to understand 2x + 16 = 0 because we have not used multiplication sign between 2 and x. It will accept the same equation in a different format: 2*x + 16 = 0.

After entering an equation, you can simply click on the Solve button. It will either display an error because you did not format the equation properly, or it will show you the solution along with all the steps involved. Depending on the equation,  it may take only a few steps or many many steps to arrive at the result. You can save the equation or its solution to a file for later reference. You can also plot a graph of the equation.

Math Solver

I tried entering quadratic equations such as x*2 – 5*x + 6 = 0 which it solves but there are two problems. First, it solves it using a non-standard method. And secondly, it shows only one possible solution. If you are a student looking for steps of solution, this will only confuse you. Further experiments with other equations such as x^2 – 9 = 0 also led to the similar results.

Alternate Math Solver can solve some simple mathematical equations in one variable. It can involve logarithmic or exponential functions. It cannot solve higher mathematical equations like quadratic equations, differential equations or those involving complex numbers.

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