Easily Type Accented Letters in Chrome with Accents Extension

There are so many reasons why macOS users fall in love with it. Some of these features that make working with macOS both fun and easy are missing in other operating systems. One of these features is the ability to easily type accented letters such as ñ or É. In macOS, you can hold the option key and the letter for which you want accent and you will see all the possible accented characters that you can choose from. For example, if you want to type ñ, then you can hold options key and n to see all a list of characters from which you can choose ñ.

Under Windows, you have to depend on the old fashioned method of using the Alt key codes. For example, in order to type ñ, you can hold Alt key and then type 164. But if you want the same convenience of macOS for typing accented letters in Windows, then you can use the Accents extension for Chrome. This extension works on all the websites and allows you to quickly type in accented letters for four languages – Spanish, Portuguese, French and German.

Google Chrome Accents

Once installed, you can start using it in any website and it is very simple to use too. Whenever you want to type an accented letter, just hold that key a second longer. It will instantly show you all the various special characters for that letter. You can now select any of the accented characters displayed using your mouse or using the number displayed on that letter. Now you do not have to remember any Alt codes or install any special software in Windows.


This extension does not work on local pages opened from local storage media or on some of the Google services such as Google Docs and Gmail.

You can get Accents extension for Google Chrome from https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/accents-spanish-portugues/laiognlohmgkmlfchcclnjnafgeinnpg.