How to Enable Social Media Blocking in Brave Browser

In the last issue of the PC World computer magazine, they have published about the new Brave web browser. This caught my interest and I also wanted to try it as soon as possible. Brave browser is based on the same code as Google’s Chrome browser but it adds some very good features that everyone is going to love. For example, it comes with a Social Media Blocking that can be used to silence social media code in various web pages.

By default Brave browser does not block any social media sites except Linkedin. You can enable or disable this feature in the following manner:

  1. Launch Brave browser and enter brave://settings/socialBlocking in the address bar.
  2. On the screen that appears, you will be able to toggle on or off the social media sites of various types.Brave Social Media Blocking

If you are using Brave browser on your Android device (Brave browser is available on Google Play store), then you may be disappointed as this feature is available only in the desktop version of Brave browser. Perhaps in the future it will be added to the mobile version too.

One way this feature can benefit the user is that when you visit a website, you will no longer be tracked by the embedded social media sites plugins. In other words, it will add to the privacy and security of the user. But there is also a drawback of blocking social media in your web browser – you won’t be able to login to various online services using your social media account which is actually much more convenient than creating a new account having a different username and email address for all the websites or services. With the help of social media login, you can just click on the login button, allow access to that service/website and you are signed in within seconds.