How to Generate QR Codes in LibreOffice Writer

Quick Response or QR codes can be seen everywhere these days – in magazines, newspapers, TV programs, advertisements, restaurant menus, websites and more. QR codes can be scanned using your smartphones to pass some data or open URLs. They have become so useful in everyday life that people want to insert them in their documents too. The new version of LibreOffice, a complete open-source replacement for Microsoft Office, has made it very easy to generate and insert QR codes anywhere in your Office documents.

Here is how you can generate and insert QR codes in LibreOffice Writer:

  1. Launch LibreOffice Writer, open or create a document.
  2. From the menubar, select Insert → Object → QR Code.LibreOffice QR Code
  3. In the QR code generator window, enter URL or text for which you want to generate the QR code, select error correction level (low, medium, quartile, or high), border width and click on the OK button.LibreOffice QR Code
  4. The newly generated code will be inserted just as you would insert an image. You can set its alignment and place it anywhere in your document.LibreOffice QR Code

Generating QR code using LibreOffice has now become so easy. You can create QR codes using text or URLs in only a few seconds. Generated QR code can be resized but there does not seem to be anyway to change the color of the QR code.

The generation can be done using four error correction levels. A higher error correction level is better if in future the QR code gets damaged. For example, if the QR code printed on a paper gets smudged or part of it is faded, even then a QR code scanner app can understand the data from the code because it has higher error correction level.

The ability of generating QR codes has been introduced in LibreOffice 6.4.0 so you must update LibreOffice to this version before attempting to generating QR codes using LibreOffice.