Install Countdown App from the Horror Movie of Same Name

Every year many new horror movies are released around the Halloween time. Last year a horror movie titled Countdown was released during that time. The plot of this scary movie revolves around a mysterious and deadly app that displayed the number of years, months, days and time remaining for a person to live. When the time was up, the owner of that smartphone ran into one or other fatal accidents.

When Countdown movie was released, the producers also released the same app on Google Play store for Android devices and on Apple App store for iPhone owners. While this was an excellent move for the publicity of the movie, the app ended up causing panic resulting in its removal from both Google Play store and Apple App store.

Now after all these months, the app has been restore on Apple App store and if you own an iPhone then you can install it on your device to have the same scary feeling as those actors in the horror movie. In fact, it would be much more fun to watch this movie while holding your smartphone with the Countdown app installed. The app uses sound, music and vibrations to create the horror environment.

Countdown Movie App

The app is exactly like shown in the movie except for a few obvious differences. It shows a randomly generated time remaining for you to live and displays the countdown. If also shows the scary notice – “User agreement broken” after which the number of days of your remaining life are decreased in the app.

But the app is different because you can easily remove it from your smartphone. In the movie, nobody is able to remove the app from their phones. Another thing is that it does not store the countdown data on the servers as shown in the movie.

iPhone users can get the Countdown app from