Monitor Battery Status in Windows with Microsys Smarter Battery

All notebook computers come with a rechargeable battery that powers your computer when it is not plugged in to the wall power socket. When the laptop is new, this battery works flawlessly. But as you keep using the computer, the battery efficiency goes down and the battery starts to show the sign of wear and tear. This is when you have to buy a replacement battery for your laptop.

You can keep a tab on your battery performance using Microsys Smarter Battery. This small software can monitor your battery and display a wealth of information about your battery. It shows information such as the manufactured capacity, full charged capacity, current capacity, capacity drop, battery voltage, charging rate, warning alert, low level alert, critical bias, device name, serial number, part number, manufacturer, temperature, manufacturing date, chemistry etc.

Smarter Battery

From the interface of Smarter Battery you can easily tell the number of charge-discharge cycles the battery has been through. You can also see the percentage of wear the battery has experienced. If these values (cycles and wear) are very high then the battery might not perform very well and you need immediate replacement.

Smarter Battery comes with a green mode feature using which you can make your battery charge last longer than usual. When you enable this green mode, it lowers the screen brightness to the lowest possible value and reduces the system volume by 50%. This might make your screen go completely dark and if your system volume is already 50% (as was in my case), the volume is dropped to 0%. But you can make the battery charge last a bit longer as your screen and speakers are going to use minimal power in the green mode.

Smarter Battery

Smarter Battery can also be used to calibrate the battery to find out real data about your battery as opposed the battery data as reported by your system. To speed up calibration, there is option for fast discharging the battery in which the system load, hard drive activity and the screen brightness is increased.

Microsys Smarter Battery is very useful software if you want to make your laptop battery last longer. It can calibrate your battery, display detailed battery information and switch to the green mode to help you make the most of your computer’s battery.

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