Poedit : Edit GNU gettext and WordPress Translation Files Easily

If you are a developer then perhaps you know about the useful GNU gettext API available through GCC packages in Windows, Linux and macOS. The purpose of gettext API is to make it easy for the programmers to  translate the literal strings used in the source code to any language when needed. While GNU provides all the tools needed for using gettext successfully, you can make it even easier through the use of Poedit.

Poedit is used to edit the PO/POT files that contain the original and translated strings. There can be many PO catalog files for many different languages. Poedit can read the source code directly and translate the found strings using Bing Microsoft Translator. In the user interface you can also manually edit and check all the strings if you are not satisfied with the automatic translation by Bing Microsoft Translator.


Other than the source code of programs that uses GNU gettext API, Poedit can also be used to translate WordPress themes and plugins automatically. This is useful if a WordPress theme that you like is in a different language than the one you prefer for your WordPress blog. You can select that theme or folder containing a WordPress plugin and rest is done by Poedit. Just like with source code files, you can select the target translation file and you can manually edit these files if you are not satisfied with the automatic translation by Bing Microsoft Translator.


Poedit is not really for the everyday computer user and is meant only for developers who either use GNU tools or the web developers working with WordPress. However, the program is not free and puts many restrictions in the trial version. You can only have 10 online translations for free and WordPress or WordPress plugins are available only in the paid Pro version.

You can download Poedit from https://poedit.net/.