Synchredible : Helps Sync or Backup Folders in Windows

Synchredible is a Windows software that helps a user backup or synchronize files, folders or drives easily. It has a wizard like interface that takes you from one step to another to help you create synchronizing tasks. It is free for personal use and works on all versions of Windows starting from XP to 10.

Synchredible has a wizard based interface which makes it easy for the beginners who get help at each step of the process. You begin by creating a new task for which you have to supply source & destination folders, select sync directions (which folder to which folder or in both direction), choose some advanced options and then you are ready to run the task.

When creating a new task, you can choose three type of priorities – speed, individual and reliability. The individual priority settings are determined by the options that you have configured for Synchredible. The speed priority settings are auto-configured for speedy syncing of files without verification. And the reliability priority settings use some file hashing algorithms to verify that destination files are same as source files.

Among the advanced options, you can choose to delete redundant files, ignore hidden files, copy NTFS attributes, set wildcard filters to include or exclude files, schedule a sync task to run automatically at a certain day & time, set the task to run automatically when a condition is met (e.g., when a USB pendrive is plugged in), add some actions or commands to be run before or after the syncing, and set a hotkey to run a syncing task.


Since syncing of folders is not much different from creating a backup, you can also use Synchredible for making regular backups of your files. For using it as backup, you may have to carefully choose the sync direction in the step 2 of the wizard. You can also choose comparison option which syncs only files that are different from the source.

Synchredible uses Windows API to copy files making it really fast. It uses CRC32 or SHA1, SHA256, SHA512 hash algorithms to verify the integrity of files. However when you use algorithms other than CRC32, the whole process becomes considerably slower.

Free for personal use, Synchredible is a great application for beginner level users. You can use it as a folder syncing program or as a simple backup tool. It does not provide compression or encryption options. Overall, it is a good folder syncing and backup program with a rich set of features.

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