Clever Web App Tells How Much Toilet Paper We Need

In the western countries, people are struggling to get hold of enough toilet paper rolls these days. Whether it is grocery stores or online shopping sites, people are ordering toilet paper in bulk. Perhaps because they are afraid that the world will soon run out of all the toilet paper. But all of their fear is totally unsubstantiated and baseless. There is plenty of toilet paper and buying in bulk will only cause panic and give rise to rumors.

Before jumping on the bandwagon of these rumors, you should check whether you really need all that toilet paper. And you don’t have to call your mom to find out, you can just use a web app designed by a London based student software developer Ben Sassoon.

In this web app, you can change some parameters like how many toilet paper rolls do you have and how many times you visit the bathroom. It will then tell you for how long your toilet paper stock will last. For example, if you have 10 rolls and you visit the bathroom 2 times everyday then your supply will last for 50 days.

How Much Toilet Paper I Need?

Of course, this web app is designed targeting Londoners and also displays how much percentage of the quarantine in London will be covered by your toilet paper supply. For everyone else the quarantine percentage does not mean anything is useless. For people living anywhere else, you can either calculate the quarantine percentage yourself or by changing the advanced options. Manually it can be done by dividing the number of days for which toilet paper rolls is going to last by the number of days remaining in the quarantine and multiplying the quotient by 100.

How Much Toilet Paper I Need?

The app also has some advanced options that help you achieve at a much more accurate estimate. For example, you can specify number of people in your household, number of sheets per toilet paper roll and number of days in the quarantine etc.

You can visit the How Much Toilet Paper? web app at